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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bandlist will close

Bandlist will be closed within this month, May 2006.
Since its start in 2000, it has now about 1800 bands
information inside. but it's old style for internet.

thanks for submitting bands information and
using its information to find new artists and music.


Head some news about introducing foreign independent bands and artists
to Japanese music Fans with podcast.


Now web-radio "" has approx.10,000 unique users a month,
and more than 900 visitors a day, with over 100,000 pageviews (Apr. 2006).

May 12. Social music networking site "" has added a link
to webradio.
our page is here at

with the support of japanese artist, Rika Shinohara, we now try to setup
live stages for November at nightclubs in Ebisu and Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.
we are going to invite 1 artist to Japan. When schedule will be fixed,
we will tell you again. we will start voting for it at our websites.

[news-4] is preparing Japanese music podcasting with Japanese bands
it seems start on June.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Access Ranking on April 2006

Access Ranking on

1. COCO ROSIE - Noah’s Ark

2. JJ Kane - Angel

3. ANEMO - Made of Fiction

4. Lastelle - This is what I do

5. Cafebar 401 - Summer Days

6. Dame Fortune - The Loony Bin

7. Tony Ozier - Nobody